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Lucas Lima rescues “loose” video from when he was with Sandy and responds to criticism

Lucas Lima 41, shared this Friday (7) a video to prove that he never stopped being himself during his marriage to Sandy 41. Participating in São João da Thay, the singer was the target of comments that he only started living after the divorce.

“Look how different his smile is, more open… what a free man… without the constraints of his ex… finally having fun, showing who he really is, living for the first time…”, quoted Lucas at the beginning of his text, in reference to the comments about it.

“But in 2022, at a friends wedding and with his then wife laughing and having fun together. And it’s not like this video is secret. I posted it in stories at the time. But at the time you couldn’t use that to say bad things about Sandy”, wrote the artist.

“It’s very toxic to be a sommelier with smiles, to want to compare myself to myself in the past when you didn’t even see me at the time. And always to beat the woman, always blaming the woman. I’m happy, Sandy is happy and we never cut each other off. Quite the opposite.”

“We have always encouraged each other and thanks to her I am a better person, a better musician, a better friend, a better father, a better son… And now let the doors of advice be opened from those who know absolutely nothing about who we are but who They are sure that they have the guide on the best way to live our lives”, he concluded.

Sandy and Lucas Lima announced their separation in September 2023, after 24 years together. A few months later, after the public suspected that the ex-couple had gotten back together, the artists denied the rumors and reaffirmed the existence of a friendship.

Source: CNN Brasil

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