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UN: Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Israeli army on ‘list of shame’ for violations against children

The armed Palestinian movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad will also be added to the UN’s “list of shame” on children’s rights during conflict, which will be published on June 18, a diplomatic source told AFP today. Earlier, Israel’s UN ambassador Gilad Erdan announced that he was informed that the Israeli army was added to this annex of the annual report of the Secretary-General of the Organization concerning the violations of children’s rights in about twenty war zones around the world. At the request of the Security Council, Mr. of the UN publishes a report every year on violations of children’s rights and names those responsible for these violations, such as child mutilation, recruitment of minors, kidnapping or sexual abuse. This appendix to his report is called the “list of shame.” The report is due to be presented on June 18, but Gilad surprised the world by announcing today that the Israeli army would be included. […]
Source: News Beast

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