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Luis de Llano appeals the sentence and accuses Sasha Sokol of breaking the confidentiality contract

On May 10, Sasha Sokol announced that she had won the lawsuit for moral damages that she filed against Luis de Llano, but, recently, it has been announced that the producer will seek a way to appeal the sentence, because, according to him, the actress and singer broke a confidentiality agreement.

This news was broadcast by the program Gossip No Like, Hosted by Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani and broadcast on their YouTube channel. According to the drivers, the producer has not ruled on the lawsuit won by Sasha, but he did send a message to the production, in which he indicated that she “respects the law” and that is why she will not be able to give statements. . However, he emphasized that the legal process is not over yet.

the producer Luis de Llano is caught by a reporter has an expression of surprise on his face

I will contact you very soon and we do it with pleasure. Currently, supposedly, we have a confidentiality contract that she is not respecting, but I do respect the law and the case is not over yet, there are appeals. I thank you very much for your words.

Given this text message leaked in the program, the presenters added that Luis de Llano is not thinking of apologizing, as required by the sentence and will wait for the appeal to dictate the steps that must be followed.

Shasa Sokol caught elegantly dressed at some event

Let’s remember that in 2022, after a controversial interview that the producer gave to Yordi Rosado, the former member of Timbiriche denounced Luis de Llano on his social networks and, later, in legal instances for having started a “loving” relationship with her. when she was only 14 and he was 39 years old, a courtship that lasted four years.

After dealing with the process for a year, finally, the sentence was handed down in favor of Sasha Sokol, demanding that the producer must publicly apologize, refrain from talking about what happened and pay compensation, which had not been quantified by the court. Of course, this legal victory for Sasha was also an achievement for all girls and boys who have been victims of abuse.

black and white image of Sasha Sokol and producer Luis de Llano in the eighties

For his part, Luis de Llano denied everything at first and after the sentence and with the message leaked by Gossip Not Likeit is expected that the legal process will continue, putting Sasha Sokol back in court, who until now has not ruled on the alleged appeal.

Source: Okchicas

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