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Luis Sal wins the legal battle for control of Muschio Selvaggio: Fedez’s reply

Luis Sal has won the legal battle for control of Wild Moss. On May 28, with a confidential decision made known only today by the company with a press release, the Court of Milan definitively rejected the complaint presented by the rapper’s company (Doom) against that of the Bolognese YouTuber. And so Fedez’s last attempt to take back the podcast also failed, and the rapper had to give in.

There is no peace for Fedez: «Wild Moss passes into the hands of Luis Sal”
«Goodbye friends» says the rapper in the Instagram Stories, greeting the podcast audience who returns to his former partner

Already in February, when the Court had ordered the seizure with the freezing of Doom’s shares and the appointment of a judicial custodian, the management had passed to Luis Sal while Fedez had been excluded. And now, after the Court’s decision, “the parties found themselves in front of a notary’s office”, says the statement released by Wild Moss “For certify the “victory” of Luis Sal who acquired 100% of the company shares, following the formal recognition by Doom that their shares were to be considered sold to Luis Sal as early as December 2023 and under the conditions set by the latter”.

At the same time Fedez’s mother, Annamaria Berrinzaghi has resigned from the position of director of Muschio Selvaggio srl; Zubaer Adbhuiya Hossain and Lussorio Piras took his place, both appointed as managing directors of the Luisolve srl company which controls Wild Moss.

The judges arrived at the decision to reject Fedez’s complaint by applying, among the first times in Italy, the “Russian roulette” statutory clause, and confirmed that Luis’s company had the right to take over the shares of Fedez’s company despite the rapper’s opposition.

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Wild Moss, the court ruling establishes that it belongs to Luis Sal. Fedez’s reply
After months of feud, the provision arrives: the YouTuber’s company has the right to take over the shares of the rapper’s company, thus disempowering Fedez in the management of the podcast. The singer’s reply: «I have not been deprived of anything, the episodes will continue to air»

For his part, Fedez announced his farewell to the podcast in an Instagram story, writing that «in recent weeks together with Mr. Marra we have decided to renounce the biblical dispute regarding Wild moss. After months of work in which we brought the podcast to what we thought was a level of content that satisfied our ambitions, we found ourselves having to leave the management of the channel in the hands of Luis Sal, whose management produced content that was totally distant from our vision.”

For this reason, the rapporteur concluded «It is with great regret that we announce that we will be leaving permanently Wild moss».

The dispute between the two former partners broke out a year ago, when Fedez accused Luis Sal of having abandoned what was initially a shared project. Then the rapper explained that at that moment he was the one running the program alone, despite the fact that the two of them had founded the control company together with 50% shares a few weeks earlier.

At that point Lui Sal responded with a video, which immediately went viral, in which he rejected the accusations. And the ironic passage “tell it to your mother, tell it to the lawyer” with which he mocked Fedez became famous. At that point, relations between the two worsened until the court case and, now, the final decision in favor of the Bolognese YouTuber.

Source: Vanity Fair

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