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Lula will demand at the UN that rich countries pay for energy transition, says minister

President Lula (PT) will make a call in his opening speech to the UN General Assembly for developed countries to finance efforts for the energy transition.

“It is not fair for Brazil and other countries in the Global South to pay for the transition. This transition must be monetized”, he told CNN the Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira.

According to the minister, the idea is to convey the message that the green agenda will contribute to peace.

“The world, especially developed countries, which already have a quality of life, need to recognize the importance of building a world of peace. And this peace must be built based on the prosperity of developing countries. It is this idea of ​​connection between the two themes that I have been talking about with President Lula,” he stated.

Silveira is in New York, USA, where he launched on Sunday (17), at a UN event, the National Fair and Inclusive Energy Transition Program. To foreign investors, the head of Mines and Energy spoke about the government’s plans to promote the decarbonization of the economy and highlighted the importance of approving the PL for Fuel of the Future to unlock biofuel and green hydrogen projects in the country.

Debt of rich countries

By reinforcing the defense that developed countries must pay for the “industrial development” of the last 200 years, Lula will repeat what he said during the Amazon Summit in August.

At the time, the president stated that the debt of rich countries, which would not be complying with financing agreements for environmental development, exceeds 100 billion dollars.

The Brazilian president must cite the country’s legitimacy to hold developed nations accountable.

One of the examples that should be remembered is the decrease in deforestation in the Amazon since the beginning of the year compared to the same period last year.

The reduction is 48% from January to August, which allowed Brazil to stop emitting almost 200 million tons of carbon.

Lula arrived in New York on Saturday night (16) after participating in the G77+China leaders’ meeting in Cuba. The PT member is expected to remain in the United States until Thursday (21).

VIDEO: Lula offers time for meeting with Zelensky

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Source: CNN Brasil

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