Luxury brand divides opinions with collection that features fake animal heads

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Schiaparelli’s new haute couture collection, shown during Paris Fashion Week, which started this Monday (23), is dividing opinions.

“Inferno Couture” features fake leopard, lion and wolf heads representing, respectively, lust, pride and avarice as an allegory to Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy” – in the book, the three are at the gates of hell when Dante meets Virgil, the Latin poet who guides him through history.

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The pieces were hand carved from resin, wool and silk faux fur, and hand painted to look as realistic as possible. Schiaparelli reported that no animal was harmed in the process.

Among the parade’s guests was Kylie Jenner, who wore the lion’s head dress in the front row. On her Instagram, she posted the look with the caption “Beauty and the Beast” and thanked the brand for the “special morning”.

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As much as it is synthetic, the use of animal heads as clothing has triggered a lot of criticism.

In the comments of an Instagram post by the brand, zoologist and presenter Dan O’Neill argued that it is necessary to stop showing animals as luxury “products”.

“They may be made of foam, but they are endangered species that have historically been killed so their skins could be made into clothing,” he said.

Another user, called Camille Paolini, commented that she is tired of the fact that the fashion industry, in her view, is totally oblivious to what happens in the world.

“Are you so disconnected with the state of the planet? Do you have any idea of ​​the consequences of your actions?” he commented. “Why not use this [a semana de moda] as an opportunity to raise awareness of the status of endangered species, for foundations and associations that are really trying to do something good for the planet?”

But there are also those who defend the brand’s clothes:

Check out other reactions from the internet:

Source: CNN Brasil

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