Coup at USP: Suspect may have used graduation money for personal purposes since the beginning of deviations, says police

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The Civil Police of São Paulo reported this Monday (23) that student Alicia Dudy Müller Veiga, from the USP Faculty of Medicine, may have used the money from her graduation fund for personal purposes since the beginning of the diversions.

The student is suspected of having embezzled almost R$ 1 million that would be used for the party and is being indicted for embezzlement.

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“From the documentation presented, the extracts presented by her, from the analysis we are carrying out in the investigation, everything indicates that since the first rescue she began to use the amounts for her own benefit with Pix, with several payments. And another part, after a month, the effective applications begin. So they no longer check the information given by her, provided in the interrogation”, says the chief delegate of the 16th DP (Vila Clementino), Zuleika Gonzalez Araújo.

According to the delegate, in her testimony, the student said that she redeemed the money to make investments, as she understood that the resources were not being well managed.

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“So she carried out this rescue at first for her. And only later, in a second moment, when she started to invest in an erroneous way, when she started to lose money, she had lost BRL 50 thousand, that she started to mess up and use the amounts for her own benefit”, she says . In the delegate’s opinion, there is a conflict between the information collected in Alicia’s hearing and what has been ascertained.

Investigations point out, for example, that expenses with the student’s credit card were six times higher after the first transfer, in November 2021. [primeira] transfer she had a very small amount in her account, then the transfer comes in and the successive expenses of high amounts begin, above R$ 1,000.”

The destinations of the transfers can be detailed after analyzing the information that the police expect to receive from the student’s accounts. The Justice of São Paulo decreed the breach of bank secrecy of the 25-year-old student. Financial institutions have up to 60 days to send the material, starting from the date of the letter. The police hope to trace the route of the money withdrawn by the student.

Next steps

Investigators responsible for the investigation that indicts Alicia Dudy Müller Veiga for embezzlement, analyze documents delivered by the student’s defense. Among the analyzed materials are bank statements from Banco do Brasil, as well as copies of Alicia’s e-mails and message exchanges.

The police are also investigating whether Alicia acted alone or if she had help from someone. In parallel to the documentary analysis, the investigators are awaiting the testimony of a person close to Alicia, scheduled to take place on the morning of Tuesday (24).

From the new testimony, the investigators intend to analyze the degree of involvement that this person has with the student and whether she could have benefited from the deviations.

kitty online

Students who make up the graduation committee of the 106th medical class at USP launched this Sunday (22), a virtual campaign to raise funds for the graduation party.

In a publication on social networks, the students write: “the money raised was paid in installments over four years and many of our colleagues and their families sacrificed for the realization of having a graduation party”.

Students also claim that they are part of the “first class to include social membership for those who had this dream, but were unable to face the full value”.

According to the students, “all donations are welcome”. But they also prepared incentives for higher values.

The 20 donors who donate R$ 1,500 will be entitled to an invitation. The first ten donors who donate R$ 3,000 will be entitled to two more invitations, in addition to the one from those who donated. And the first seven people who donate R$9,000 reais will be entitled to an invitation, seven more guests and a table.

In another publication, students claim that, despite taking all appropriate legal measures and trying to get the money back, it is unlikely that this will be resolved in less than two years. “In case we get a favorable agreement or a reduction in the cost of products, our objective will be to donate the extra money to social projects carried out by FMUSP students, or to return it in full to donors in a proportional manner”, they write.

In addition to the fundraising campaign, students also use social networks to ask influencers and celebrities for help, such as singer Anitta and content creator Casimiro.

parallel investigation

Alicia is also the target of another investigation, carried out by the Division of Criminal Investigations of São Bernardo do Campo, in Greater São Paulo, in which she is investigated for embezzlement and money laundering. She is accused of having lost about R$ 192,000 to a lottery house in 2022, after asking for a series of bets and not paying for them.

Source: CNN Brasil

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