Lynx Launcher

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Lynx Launcher Is a customizable replacement for your home screen 📲 that provides a focused, clean and unobtrusive user experience. Inspired by the Gnome Desktop Environment ™ for Linux, Lynx Launcher offers all the features of a modern home screen without being overly complex or distracting.


🔶 No distractions or unnecessary features

All of the available features have been carefully chosen to avoid cluttering the launcher with unnecessary distractions and to ensure a neat look. You can also hide apps that you can’t uninstall, but that you don’t want to see.

🛠️ Setting options

Change the position of the dock, text sizes, desktop grids, search bar visuals, notification dots, and more.

👆 Fast navigation and gestures

All apps, favorites, search and homescreen are accessible in one swipe. Want to open a shortcut, setting, app, or see a contact with a gesture? No problem!

💚 View your favorite apps and contacts in one place

The favorites screen will show you all your favorite apps and contacts for easy and quick access.

🔍 Advanced search function

The search function in the app allows you to search for apps, contacts, shortcuts, settings and can be used as a calculator or to start an online search using the search engine of your choice.

🎨 Launcher and icon themes

You can use your favorite icon theme, reshape responsive icons, or even change the entire launcher theme.

🌙 Dark mode support

Choose a dark or light theme for Lynx Launcher, or decide when to use a dark theme. You can also choose a dark theme for specific parts of the application.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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