Bastyon – Decentralized Social Networking 1.1.140

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Bastion – a decentralized social network that does not require either a mobile phone number or an email address for registration. Having discovered the Bastion for yourself, you will open a site where there is no censorship in the usual sense of the word. Bastion censorship is a complex mathematical algorithm based only on how Bastion users evaluate your content. Yes, this means that no one can block or delete your account.

Are you a blogger and are you worried about news about another permanently deleted profile / channel? What if tomorrow you get an undeserved strike or a ban?

No need to “express concern”!)) With Bastion, your content is not threatened by ANYTHING! Upload videos, photos to Bastion, share them on other social networks, embed them on your personal website – all this is possible.

Interesting? Let’s go further.

Bastion has a messenger that works in permanent encryption mode. Communicate, share photos and the security of your correspondence is not in danger.

And that is not all!

Bastion has its own cryptocurrency, PKOIN, which is traded on many exchanges. The most famous trading platforms where you can buy PKOIN are bitforex, digifinex, btcpop.

You can send donations to your favorite bloggers / Bastion users and it will be visible to all users! Not so long ago, the site started working, where you can also buy PKOIN for 19 different cryptocurrencies directly from your wallet or by going to it.

Anonymity of donations to bloggers is a very cool feature.

Bastion also works from a browser. There is also a desktop application.

Sounds too cool to be true? Worth a try!

Discover the Bastion of Freedom of Expression!

Click the “Install” button and register on the Bastion!

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