M. Schoinas: The dictators see the European model as a threat to themselves

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“The European model is under attack. The dictators see the European model as a threat to themselves,” said Margaritis Schoinas, the commission’s vice president. “It has nothing to do with missiles or NATO membership. “Our values ​​are getting closer to them.”

In an in-depth interview given in Athens and published on the eve of the Summit in the largest Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, Margaritis Schoinas, emphasizes that the end of Vladimir Putin’s rule is coming. “I am pleasantly surprised by the unity among the 27 member states, including the usual suspects. But most importantly, we are witnessing the end of Putin’s rule. Regardless of the outcome of the war, it is not going to survive, the Putin system is “The question for us is: who comes next? Democracy in Russia is the guarantee of security for Europe,” he said. At the same time, the Vice President of the European Commission stated that the biggest enemy of Europe is stagnation and complacency. “I hope European success stories are the result of careful rational planning, that I work more as an architect rather than as a firefighter. But the EU is the fire brigade,” he added.

“After many years, the stars for Europe are aligned in the right place. First, because of external pressure: Russia, the war, rising energy prices, geopolitical earthquakes. Second, and it is a necessary component of any successful European recipe: Berlin and Paris have leaders ready to offer, with a new four-year political mandate Third, the South, a source of European instability for years, now has responsible, pro-European leaders: Draghi, Sanchez, Costa, Mitsotaki. “Brussels has more players and fewer regulators. People who can buy vaccines, borrow money, set up refugee centers. I do not want to sound overly optimistic, but this is a unique opportunity. Now we have to seize it.” .

Asked about the migratory flows from Ukraine and those from Syria, Mr. Schoinas stressed that “in Ukraine we have a war at our door, the country borders four EU countries. Five million people came this way This is a completely different size than in Syria and Afghanistan, where a gradually burning avalanche has gradually brought people closer to us.The scope is different, the principle is the same: everyone leaving the war “They are welcome here. Skin color and religion do not matter.”

Finally, when asked if Ursula von der Leyen is the right President at the moment, the Vice President of the Commission replied: “Certainly! It is not remarkable that in 2019 the heads of government elected a doctor, who was also Minister of Defense, During the coronavirus pandemic, there was no need to explain to Ursula von der Leyen how vaccines work and why international co-operation is important. what he’s talking about, he knows the right people, he has access to the White House and a great sense of political timing. ”

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Source: Capital

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