Machine Gun Kelly: “I tried to kill myself on the phone with Megan Fox”

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“I tried to kill myself while I was on the phone with Megan.” The shocking revelation is of Machine Gun Kellyfrom 2019 companion of the actress of Transformers, Megan Fox. “It happened after my father died, in 2020,” reveals the rapper in the documentary Life in Pink, on Disney + starting June 27. “I went to her house to take away her stuff and I had a weird interaction with a neighbor who gave me upset a lot, even in the following days. His words kept going around, I couldn’t get them out of my head. I was sunk in my room and everything was getting darker and darker“.

The partner, in those days, was on the set in Bulgaria, says the rapper, and his own absence it only increased his’ savage paranoia ‘:’ I was convinced that someone would come in and kill me. I would have slept with the shotgun beside the bed. Until something broke“.

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So, he called Megan on the phone and, while he was on the phone with her, pointed at her gun barrel in the mouth and he began to scream, “I was saying something like ‘You’re not here, you’re not here for me.’ I was in my room and I inveighed against her: I had the barrel of the gun in my mouth and I was screaming. But when I pulled the trigger, the shotgun jammed and did not fire. On the other side Megan was silent as if dead

That episode was a turning point for the rapper who in that moment, says today, he realized that something was wrong with him. To help him, however, were both his partner and his twelve-year-old daughter Casie: «They told me that they wanted their father and their future husband back, that they no longer wanted to look at me through a veil. It was then that I realized that I had to get rid of the drugsbut for real this time ».

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So that same year – as he told the magazine Interview – walked in therapyto win his battle with drugs and repair the damage done to his mental health. And today in the documentary he remembers it, even if he reveals that love did him the best good: «Megan has become my sun. I turn to her and she gives me light and life and helps me grow. What binds us is otherworldly. It is something more than any fairy tale they tell you as a child. It’s something no one ever tells you. ‘

An otherworldly bond that will soon be recognized even by the banal bureaucracy given that in January they got engaged officially and soon they will get married. “An engagement that surprised no one,” said a friend of the couple a People. “For them it was love at first sight, they spend every second of their life together.” Two souls who have recognized themselves. And to say that everyone remembers them only as those who drink each other’s blood.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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