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Macron and Erdogan will meet tomorrow in Madrid

The President of France Emanuel Macron will meet tomorrow morning with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the sidelines of its session NATO in Madrid, the Elysee Palace announced today, noting that it is important for allies to “talk honestly when there are disagreements” between them.

This meeting is scheduled for 10.30 (Greek time) and is part of the efforts made by many of the leaders of NATO member countries to persuade Turkey not to block the accession of Sweden and Finland.

Macron, who is expected to arrive in Madrid tonight, recently said, welcoming NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, that he would ask Erdogan To “clarify” his attitude.

“We have always said the same thing: in an alliance, we must talk, speak honestly with each other when we have disagreements,” the French presidency said. “With Turkey, we have had discussions in the past that were sometimes difficult (…) because we considered that its strategic choices did not correspond to the security interests of the allies, especially in Syria,” he added, referring to the 2019-20 tensions.

“Paris is ‘paying attention’ to the ‘security issues’ raised by Ankara but also to ‘respecting the principles on which the North Atlantic Alliance is based, and respecting fundamental rights,'” he added.

It is noted that The Turkish president will also have a meeting with the American president, Joe Biden.

Source: News Beast

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