Macron: EU to respond ‘quickly’ to Moldova’s application for membership

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French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday he wanted to see the European Union respond “swiftly” to Moldova’s request for membership in statements made during a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Maia Santou in Paris. , according to Reuters.

The French head of state added that the risk of the war treaty spreading between Russia and Ukraine to other neighboring countries could not be ruled out.

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Fears that Moldova could become part of the conflict have intensified as the pro-Russian, de facto secessionist province of Transnistria has “denounced” Ukraine for drone strikes, bombings and overflights, allegations seen as a pretext for Russian intervention in the region.

Last week, Moldovan Foreign Minister Nikos Popekou said there was evidence within Transnistria that they were trying to destabilize the region and provoke tensions in order to prevent the country from moving towards European integration.

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Source: Capital

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