Macron: Russia had only one goal, the surrender of Ukraine

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French President Macron stressed at the G7 summit that Russia had one goal in mind – the surrender of Ukraine.

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“It is clear. Russia’s attack on Ukrainian territory has a goal. The surrender of Ukraine,” Macron said.

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He added that no one thinks the war will end in a few weeks or months. “I hope (to finish) by the end of the year),” he noted.

Asked about arms deliveries, he said all allies agreed on the need to provide weapons needed to defend its (Ukraine) territory, not to attack.

Confirmation of the delivery of additional weapons systems will come in the coming weeks, he said.

For his part, German Chancellor Soltz stressed that Western sanctions against Russia would end only when President Putin accepted that his plans in Ukraine would not succeed.

“All the sanctions that we have imposed on Crimea remain. All the sanctions that we have imposed because of the Russian-instigated uprising in Dobas remain. And the same goes for the decisions that we have taken now, which are much more serious,” he added.

“There is only one way out. Let Putin accept that his plans in Ukraine are not succeeding,” he said at the close of the three-day G7 summit.

Source: Capital

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