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Macron to Netanyahu: “If you want to completely destroy Hamas, the war will last 10 years”

The French president Emmanuel Macron said today that France is “deeply concerned” about the recurrence of violence in Gauze and said he was traveling to Qatar to help with efforts to restart the ceasefire.

During a press conference at UN Climate Conference (COP28) in DubaiMacron said the situation required a redoubled effort to achieve a lasting ceasefire and the release of all hostages.

A temporary truce between the Israel and Hamas collapsed yesterday Friday as mediators failed to extend it.

Israel and Hamas blame each other for the collapse.

Macron also called on Israel to clarify its goals towards Hamas.

“We are at a time when the Israeli authorities should clarify more precisely their goals and their ultimate goal: the total destruction of Hamas, does anyone think that is possible? If this is the goal then the war will last 10 years,” Macron said.

“There is no lasting security for Israel in the region if its security is achieved at the expense of Palestinian lives…Let us all be clear-headed,” concluded the French president.

Source: News Beast

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