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“We have no doubt that he is a psychopath”, says deputy about man who killed family in MT to CNN

Delegate Bruno França stated, in an interview with CNN this Saturday (2), there is no doubt that the man who killed a 46-year-old woman and her three daughters, in Mato Grosso, is a psychopath.

“That he is an individual with psychopathy, a serial criminal and a sexual predator, there is not the slightest doubt.”

According to the delegate, the man arrested for the crime had an outstanding arrest warrant for rape. Furthermore, he killed a journalist in Goiás, in 2013, to steal his car. The criminal was arrested, but was released four months later.

What is known about the case

How was the crime

According to the Mato Grosso Civil Police, the criminal, identified as Gilberto Rodrigues dos Anjos, confessed to the crime. He stated that he entered the house through the bathroom window on Friday night (24), with the intention of robbing the victims. He also said he was under the influence of drugs. Delegate Bruno França, responsible for the case, said that Gilberto did not express regret.

The criminal reported that, after entering the house, he was confronted by the 46-year-old woman and attacked her with a knife. The eldest daughter, 19, left the room to help her mother and was also hit.

He reported to the police that, after killing his mother and the 19-year-old girl, he also murdered his two youngest daughters, one aged 13 and the other 10 years old.

“After stabbing three victims and, while they were still in agony, he committed sexual abuse against their mother and two daughters. The girl under 10 years old died of asphyxiation”, says the corporation.

After the crimes, Gilberto fled the house through the same window he entered and returned to the construction site where he worked. There, he removed the blood-stained clothes and threw them into a container.

Who were the victims

The murdered women were identified as:

  • Cleci Calvi Cardoso, 46 ​​years old
  • Miliane Calvi Cardoso, 19 years old
  • Manuela Calvi Cardoso, 13 years old
  • Melissa Gabriela Cardoso, 10 years old

The children’s father – and Cleci’s husband – is a truck driver and was traveling during the crime.

On a social network, Miliane informed that she was studying Agronomy and that she was in her second period.

Manuela and Melissa studied at the Nova Dinâmica school, located in the Centro Sul neighborhood, in Sorriso.

The school made a post on social media after the crime, expressing regret over the incident.

The four victims attended an evangelical church in the Vitória Régia neighborhood, in the same city. The church’s pastor also expressed condolences on social media.

On Monday, the mayor of Sorriso, Ari Lafin, declared three days of official mourning for the deaths and suspended festive events that would be held in the municipality.

“The Municipal Administration deeply regrets what happened in Sorriso and sympathizes with family and friends at this time of immense pain caused by such a brutal crime.”

How were the investigations

Security authorities were called after neighbors were surprised by the family’s disappearance over the weekend. The mother and three daughters were found dead and with marks of injuries caused by a sharp weapon, including deep cuts on their necks.

After inspecting the house where the victims lived, investigators went to search two neighboring construction sites, where several men worked.

In one of these works, the police received information that only one bricklayer – Gilberto Rodrigues dos Anjos – was sleeping there.

When approached, he reportedly became nervous and claimed not to have heard any noise in the victims’ house over the weekend.

The police say that, when asked about where he rested, he showed where he slept, on the upper floor of the building, at the front, and only presented a copy of his identity as a document.

When checking the data, the police verified the existence of two open arrest warrants against Gilberto, one by the District of Lucas do Rio Verde (MT) for a sexual crime, and the other by the District of Mineiros, in Goiás, for robbery.

“In the victims’ house, forensic experts found scuff marks on the floor stained with blood. When inspecting the suspect’s belongings, the civil police officers found a slipper with the same characteristics as the marks on the floor of the family’s residence and it was confirmed by forensics that it was the same footwear marked on the floor”, says the Civil Police.

Gilberto was then questioned again and confessed to the crimes.

Who is the prisoner

According to the Civil Police, Gilberto Rodrigues dos Anjos had a criminal record for rape and robbery (robbery followed by death).

According to the corporation, the criminal broke into a house in Lucas do Rio Verde in September this year and committed sexual abuse against a victim, who was sleeping. He then tried to kill her, but the victim reacted and she was stabbed in the neck.

Another person who was also in the house tried to intervene and was punched in the face. After the crimes, he fled on a bicycle.

The police also inform that Gilberto has a history of robbery, a crime that would have been committed in the interior of Goiás.

Due to the risk of lynching, the prisoner was transferred on Monday to a prison in Sinop, also in the interior of Mato Grosso.

He was charged with the crimes of qualified homicide and rape against two adult victims; qualified homicide and rape of a vulnerable person against the 12-year-old victim and qualified homicide against the 10-year-old child.

Moment in which Gilberto Rodrigues dos Anjos, arrested for killing his family in MT, is transferred to prison in Sinop

(Published by Lucas Schroeder, with information from Fábio Munhoz and Victor Aguiar, from CNN, in São Paulo)

Source: CNN Brasil

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