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Macron’s official visit to China from April 5 to 8

THE Emmanuel Macron will make an “official visit” to China from April 5 to 8, accompanied by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, with the main purpose of “working” with Chinese President Xi Jinping “to return peace” to Ukraine.

The trip of its president of France it was announced at the end of February, but the French presidency only announced on Friday the exact dates, the regions he will visit and his objectives.

“Committed to maintaining a continuous and demanding dialogue with China”Macron will go to Beijing and Guangzhou province.

“The presidents of France and China will hold talks on the war in Ukraine with the aim of working towards the restoration of peace and this within the framework of respect for international law, especially with regard to the territorial integrity of Ukraine”the French presidency pointed out.

Beijing presented a 12-point text in February calling for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine and a “political solution” to the conflict.

The French president has described China’s initiative as positive, but has underlined that peace can only be achieved if Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine.

France also wants to pressure China, which has never publicly criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, to exert its influence on Moscow to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to sit down at the negotiating table with Kiev.

According to the French presidency, Macron and Xi will discuss “the international crises in the Middle East, Africa and the tension in the Indo-Pacific region”.

“The visit will focus on three main topics: strategic issues and international crises, cooperation in the face of major global challenges and economic relations.”

As Macron announced yesterday during a press conference from Brussels, von der Leyen will be present “in part of the program”, in the name of “European unity”, “a basic condition for rebuilding a balanced cooperative relationship with China”.

Besides, the president of the European Commission will give a speech on Thursday from Brussels on EU relations with China.

Source: News Beast

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