Maddalena Corvaglia recounts the end of her friendship with Elisabetta Canalis: “Trust has been broken”

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It was September 27, 1999: on the counter of Strip the News they set foot for the first time two of the most famous Veline ever, Maddalena Corvaglia and Elisabetta Canalis. Blonde the first, brunette the second, remained in the program until June 2002, also building outside the small screen a solid and lasting friendship. For years the two have been inseparable in all stages of their lives, so much so that they both moved to the United States, following their respective companions: the surgeon Brian Perri for Canalis and the guitarist of Vasco Rossi’s band, Stef Burns, for Corvaglia. Both had a daughter a few years apart from each other, as happens in the promises that best friends make as children.

Elisabetta and Maddalena were sisters, so important to each other that even in one of the most difficult moments of her life, that of her divorce from her husband, Corvaglia decided to remain in the United States anyway, together with her friend reference. “Now now I have a life there, and Elisabetta is there”, she had confessed to Silvia Toffanin in 2018, during an episode of Verissimo.

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Today Maddalena Corvaglia returns to Verissimo, and talks about the sudden and unexpected end of that friendship that seemed indestructible. In 2020, the two ex Veline, after having also set up an entrepreneurial activity together (a gym in Los Angeles) have in fact broken any kind of relationship. The rumors immediately blamed disagreements at work, but the truth is that neither of them has ever wanted to talk too openly about what happened between them. The only thing they had done, after the insistence of many, was to confirm that yes, they weren’t the friends they used to be anymore. And also that from this break they would not go back so easily. “I’m of the sign of Virgo and it takes me a while to metabolize the pain,” Canalis had said at the time of her. «I love unconditionally, but I can raise walls that are difficult to break down».

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One thing that Maddalena Corvaglia also confirms today to the microphones of the Canale 5 talk show: “Recover? When trust is broken, it’s difficult.” he confessed, speaking again of the end of his marriage (“It was a defeat. However, when there are insurmountable walls you have to take note of them”), of his American divorce (“I asked in Los Angeles because I didn’t want to have a media resonance in Italy, even if I later regretted it: a foreigner there doesn’t have the same rights as an American”), of his sentimental present (“I’m not engaged, even if in recent years someone has made my heart beat” ) and, obviously, also of Elisabetta, the other half of her past in Striscia. A presence so strong, so constant, that even if things have changed over the years, the affection can only remain. «It was a beautiful friendship, which is over. Of course I love her and I’m happy when she is.”confessed Maddalena Corvaglia.

Source: Vanity Fair

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