“Made in Italy” on TV: and it is immediately a desire for 70s hair


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Sofa, plaid, herbal tea and smartphone in hand. There is to relax ok, but also take notes January 13 when, kidnapped by the atmosphere of Milan in the 70s, we will watch the fiction on Canale 5 Made in Italy (already available on Amazon Prime for some time) with a stellar cast: Raoul Bova, Marco Bocci, Margherita Buy, Fiammetta Cicogna, Greta Ferro, Andrea Bosca, Claudia Pandolfi, Stefania Rocca among many.

We are in 1974 and, to support her studies, Irene Mastrangelo / Greta Ferro responds to the announcement of the fashion magazine Appeal. Thanks to this new job, he comes into contact with the world of catwalks and, little by little, his life changes. Meet young designers, the same ones who will make the history of the Italian fashion system like Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Gianfranco Ferré, Walter Albini, Krizia, the Missons, Gianni Versace and many others, managing to establish himself as a journalist. A kind of Devil wears Prada however, seasoned with precise and detailed historical references. Everything has been faithfully reproduced: from wow clothes and saturated colors to designer interiors.

But to hit us beautyhaolic is the hairpedia of the 70s cuts and hairstyles that are revealed before our eyes in this TV series.

We know well that the hair of the time is among the most iconic ever, so much so that it is proposed every season on the catwalk for decades, including the current one in which the 70s bangs, that is the long curtain fringe slightly open or shifted to one side only, and the Spring / Summer 2021 where they were spotted on the catwalk scaled cuts and mullet-inspired Seventies. From short to long as the Milan-Reggio Calabria, come on disco curls to the ultra smooth, give it shag unisex to voluminous flips, ready to go over?

Paris Fashion Week AW20/21

The watchword of 70s hair is volume. The full-bodied hair typical of the 60s hairstyles in this decade make theupgrade and become even more maxi. Go ahead with scaling, over lengths and styling that favor the hedgehog. These are the years of Donna Summer, by Ali MacGraw and of Jane Fonda, but above all of the style icon and sex symbol Farrah Fawcett. XXL volume, center parting, soft waves and smooth tips combed outwards. The round brush is a must to revive the legendary hair of the protagonist of the Charlie’s Angels and give the lengths and bangs the famous rounded look.

Farrah Fawcett nel 1975. Foto Getty

Unesco heritage of hair, invented by the English hairdresser Paul McGregor for the film Klute from 1971 with Jane Fonda, the Shag is another great 70s hair icon. First cut genderless of history, characterized by very layered lengths, full bangs and a disheveled finish. Others signature of the time are i super voluminous afro hair like Diana Ross and the ultra straight hippie styles like Ali MacGraw (his look in Love Story became a style icon for millions of women, and still is today) and more charming come Jane Birkin. Very trendy also the very long braids and messy.

Twiggy in 1972. Photo Getty

Without to forget the wedge and the variant pageboy (page), or short and strictly geometric cuts, returns wannahave as celeb as the English actress Joanna Lumley, the American figure skater Dorothy Hamill it’s ours Raffaella Carrà which in Italy sported a slightly longer version at the time, the mushroom bob.

In the gallery we have made a recap of all the 70s hair looks to be studied well and recognized by looking Made in Italy. With a view, why not, to make a change Seventies to the head.

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