Madrid: Roads of Rage – Municipality restores names to streets linked to Franco’s dictatorship

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The Madrid City Council this week changed the name of a street in a neighborhood south of its capital Spain and restored its former name associated with one of the most brutal massacres recorded in the period of Civil War and which became symbols of his dictatorship Francisco Franco.

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The Municipality of the Spanish capital under Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida of People’s Party, remove the name Sinaia boat (Barco Sinaia) and now the street is known by its old name: Balearic Cruise (Croutero de Baleares). The Balearic Cruise was a warship that attacked thousands of defenseless civilians as they left Mλαlaga after the attack of his forces Franco in 1937. In fact on Tuesday (25/1) o Municipality of Malaga paid tribute to the victims for the 85 years since the attack.

It is the latest change in street name and return to its previous name associated with the dictatorship. The previous Mayor, the Manuela Carmena, leftist beliefs, changed the names of 52 streets that it considered to offend the memory of the victims of the dictatorship, under the law of “Historical Memory” which aims to avoid of the regime’s apology. The decision provoked political controversy.

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THE Carmen had changed the street name to Sinaia boat, a ship transported to Mexico Hundreds of Democratic families after their defeat in 1939 by his troops Franco.

THE Luisa Vethino She was just four months old when her father hugged her and they started running to escape the bombing of Malaga, she stressed in the Spanish newspaper “The country”“I am outraged by the decision. “I can not understand that after so many years these ideas have not come out of the minds of some and until they are promoted by people in positions of power.” She added that her mother told her that his attack Balearic Cruise “It was an absolute massacre.” It was one of the three ships that opened fire on civilians who had fled Mλαlaga and were trying to reach Almeria. An estimated 6,000 were killed.

The City Council said it simply wanted to honor the crew of the ship that sank by Democratic forces in 1938 and killed 765 of its 1,206 sailors.

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