Mahmood postpones the tour (again): “We feel alone, it’s time to listen to us”

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A few hours after the letter in which Cosmo asked to do something to return as soon as possible to live events safely, Mahmood announces the shift of his tour which should have started in November touching not only Italy, but also several European cities including Paris, London, Amsterdam and Madrid. «Almost two years after the start of the pandemic, our sector is still at the same point: we are at a standstill (removed few, too few, situations with reduced capacities). Today I find myself moving the tour dates for the third time; and like me, many of my colleagues and colleagues will be obliged to do so “writes Mahmood in a Story on his Instagram profile, trying to focus attention on a problem, the management of safety regulations in the entertainment sector, which never seems to be the priority.

“What differentiates this shift from the previous ones is that today we have tools at our disposal that would allow us to be able to play concerts safely: green pass. I look outside Italy and I see that it can be done, obviously when there is the will and attention to a sector, the solutions are found. I have a strong feeling of abandonment by the institutions ». At that point Mahommod underlines how many institutions turn to artists “to expose themselves for the protection of people’s rights, to sensitize our public to issues that are debated at a political level. Now instead, we feel alone, not considered by a state where most of the representatives think only of arguing on social media and continually creating adverse factions among people. Now is the time to listen to us. The turn of our rights has really come: we have the right to go back to doing our job and those who follow us have the right to return to fill their lives with art, culture and entertainment. We have the right to be heard ».

At the moment, let’s remember, the only concerts allowed in Italy are those with the obligation of seats and reduced capacities. In the white zone concerts are possible with 25% of maximum capacity indoors and 50% outdoors, and in any case no more than 2,500 people indoors and 5,000 outdoors. In the yellow zone the maximum capacity is 50%, but in any case no more than a thousand people indoors and 2,500 outdoors. All this, of course, after distancing and green pass. With this assumption, in addition to the Mahmood dates, several tours in the halls could be skipped such as that of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins, the Maneskin, Madame, and many other artists who already have sold out dates that, if the situation does not unblocked, they would risk not going on stage. The supply chain is therefore clamoring for a government intervention that will lighten the current regulation on capacities by eliminating the limits in the venues in exchange for greater scruple in access controls. The government, for the moment, has chosen not to pronounce itself, but many – from artists to entourages to the public – are demanding greater clarity.

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