Man breaks down in tears after receiving a teddy bear with the voice of his deceased wife

Man breaks down in tears after receiving a teddy bear with the voice of his deceased wife

Grief over the death of a loved one is not easy at all, and less so for the closest relatives, since the process of adapting to not seeing or touching or hearing that person is quite difficult to face, so they only have to live. with your memory.

However, there are more and more alternatives and gift options so that those who have lost a loved one can keep them present on a daily basis, either by turning a garment from that special person into a doll or as the gift they gave to this man, who, a month after suffering the death of his wife, was given a teddy bear with his voice. His reaction moved everyone in networks.

The one in charge of sharing the tender moment was the user @claudiayukaria girl who, through a short video on her TikTok profile, showed the moment in which a man was surprised with a party for his birthday, where he received a stuffed toy that contained the voice of his wife, who, unfortunately, passed away one month.

With the famous theme I will miss you, performed by Tercer Cielo, as a background, in the recording you can see the celebrated person posing for a photo next to a man, who, it is presumed, was in charge of giving him the gift. After the photo was taken, excited, those present began to shout for him to open his gift, so the man, without imagining what he would find inside, begins to open his present.


#surprisegift🎁 #I will miss you #aunt #birthday A little bit of her 🕊

♬ I will miss you – third heaven

They made him a surprise meal for his birthday… but his wife passed away a month ago.

With the help of a guest, after a few seconds and very carefully, the party managed to remove the stuffed animal. Immediately, the attendees fell silent and told him to press the stuffed animal, since it “talked”. Following the instructions that his relatives gave him, the man began to look for the button that would activate the voice in the toy, what he never imagined was that the voice he would hear would be that of his deceased wife.

Upon hearing that it was his beloved, he could not help but break into tears and hug the person who gave it to him, thanking him for giving him something that will remind him a little of her. The emotional moment and the man’s reaction soon generated millions of reactions among Internet users. Some users commented that it was a nice gift, while others assured that the bear would be a constant reminder that his wife is gone.

Source: Okchicas