Man fully vaccinated in the intensive care unit with the Delta mutation

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The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) examines thoroughly, as he says, rarely case of a 64-year-old man from Texas, who is hospitalized in the intensive care unit as she is ill with Delta mutation of coronavirus. As reported by, the patient had made her vaccine Johnson & Johnson in March and began to feel sick three months later, in June and at first thought it was some kind of allergy, but after a few days he got sick, went to the hospital and is now supported by a ventilator.

Isaac Curry, as the patient’s name is, is considered a rare case, which is why doctors are trying to find out exactly what happened. According to the CDC, “vaccines are expected to have some side effects in some cases as no vaccine is 100% effective.” As of June 28, more than 154 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinated against the disease. They were located 4,686 rare cases, who were hospitalized or died, according to the CDC.

The company’s response

“Her vaccine Johnson & Johnson has been found to be 85% effective against the severe form of the disease “, the pharmaceutical company states in a press release, adding that” the vaccine has shown strong resistance against the Delta mutation “. Scientists generally agree that vaccinated people are less susceptible to infection, but this in no way reduces the severity of the condition, which needs to be investigated in each case.

“Vaccines seem to work. “This is a rare case, but we believe that the vaccine” slowed down “the deterioration of his condition, it could be much worse”, concludes a friend of the 64-year-old with meaning.

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