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Man kills two young people during attack on home and is arrested in Londrina (PR)

A 23-year-old man broke into a residence and stabbed two young people to death while they were sleeping in Jardim Jamaica, in Londrina, Paraná, last Sunday (3). The motivation for the crime would be an unrequited love interest. He was arrested red handed on the same day.

Another young woman was also stabbed and survived the attack. According to her statement to the police, the attacker stalked her on social media. They met at work.

Daniel Takashi, who was the survivor’s current boyfriend, and Júlia Beatriz, who was her friend, died at the scene. The home belongs to the surviving victim, whose name has not been released.

The three were students at the State University of Londrina (UEL). In a note, the Council of the Center for Education, Communication and Arts (CECA) identified the crime.

“The Board of the Center for Education, Communication and Arts expresses its deep regret for the femicide that resulted in the deaths of student Julia Beatriz Garbossi and Daniel Takashi Suzuki Sugahara. The CECA Center Council firmly repudiates any acts of violence that threaten human life, especially crimes of feminicide motivated by machismo and misogyny.”

According to the case’s delegate, João Batista Dos Reis, the accused’s family claimed that the boy was diagnosed with schizophrenia and that on the day of the crime he had a crisis.

Suspect was convinced to help

After killing Júlia and Daniel, the attacker trapped his former co-worker with ropes and handcuffs for a few hours. According to the survivor, she had to convince the perpetrator to take her to the hospital due to her injuries.

When they arrived at the Sabará Emergency Care Unit (UPA), the attacker lied to the doctors, claiming that they were both victims of a robbery.

When the girl was alone in the treatment room, he informed the unit’s staff that he was responsible for the injuries suffered by the young girl.

According to the delegate, the survivor suffered serious injuries to her hands and partially lost the movement of one of her fingers. After being treated at the UPA, she was discharged on the day of the incident. The student will still have to undergo further examinations to check whether she will have any consequences.


The attacker met the victim about a year ago when they worked together in a bar. Both became friends at first, however, they would have moved away after the young man showed romantic interest in the girl, who had already made it clear to the boy that the feeling was not reciprocal.

According to delegate Reis, the young woman confirmed to the police that the attacker was stalking her on social media. After being promptly rejected, he allegedly started creating fake profiles on the internet after being blocked.

The practice of virtually stalking a person has been considered a crime in Brazil since March 2021, with a prison sentence of six months to two years and a fine.

According to the Civil Police of Paraná, a police investigation was launched to investigate the case and the accused remains in prison.

A CNN He tried to contact the accused’s defense, but at the time of publishing this article, there was no response.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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