Man murders his influencer wife because he was jealous of seeing her on TikTok

Man murders his influencer wife because he was jealous of seeing her on TikTok

On January 16, the interior of an apartment in the San Borja neighborhood, in Lima, Peru, was the scene of a crime, as a man murdered his wife with a knife in front of their son because he was jealous of her. for his wife to share videos on his TikTok profile.

The victim’s name is Marilyn Yesenia Martineza 34-year-old woman who was mother, a housewife and who was characterized by sharing videos to improve health habits and viral trends with her husband, Alexander Israel Pinedo Barrón, on her Twitter account. TikTok. Apparently, the girl led a normal life at home with her husband and her eight-year-old son, who sporadically accompanied her in her videos.

Judging by the content of her account, Marilyn exercised, tried to lead a healthy life and was on the path of self-love, habits that she tried to pass on to her followers, especially to women who, like her, are mothers and It costs them a lot of work to have a good physical result.

Despite the fact that her husband accompanied her in some of her clips and they looked like a happy and stable couple, apparently, it was not like that, since the husband of the influencers He was jealous because his wife uploaded content to the short video platform, so after a heated argument, Alexander took a knife and, in front of his son, stabbed Marilyn to death.

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According to the information shared by the neighbors and the building security guard himself, the influencers Peruvian approached the window to ask for help and to help her escape from her attacker. However, when they called the authorities, upon arrival at the place, they found the body of the lifeless woman.

The police managed to arrest Alexander Pinedo at the scene, where the man asked to be recorded to tell how he had ended his wife’s life. The man recounted that after stabbing her with the knife, he clearly saw the bone and all the blood coming out of her wounds. Furthermore, he added that seeing what he did, he tried to commit suicide, but he was so cowardly that he couldn’t do it, so he decided to wait until he was arrested.

For his part, the minor is under the care of his maternal grandmother and one of the sisters of the influencers assures that he does not know if the child witnessed the scene in which his father killed his mother, since, up to now, the child is in a state of shock after what happened.

According to preliminary reports from the Public Ministry of Peru, in one part of the closet there were no clothes, which was an indication that Marilyn was planning to leave her husband, since it is believed that she was physically abused by him. At the moment, Alexander Pinedo is at the San Borja police station, where he is accused of femicide and ordered nine months in pretrial detention.

Source: Okchicas