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Man Starts Shooting at Random Cars – Kills Father of Four

A gruesome video is making the rounds online showing a California man opening fire on random cars resulting in the death of a father of four. 39-year-old Julio Rodarte was arrested on charges of murder and ten more charges of attempted murder. The attacker seems to have lost his mind when he tried to buy alcohol from a nearby store but did not have enough money so he went out into the street with a gun in his hand and started shooting at passing vehicles before taking off his clothes. Several cars were damaged, one man was injured and 42-year-old Victor Hugo Leon was killed. Leon was on his way home after his night shift at work. An eyewitness told abc7.com: “It’s so sad, you know, so sad. In the back there were 5 or 6 people working, you know, and I was afraid he was going to come into my business and start shooting people.” THE […]
Source: News Beast

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