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About to launch a clothing brand, Sasha wants to create a collection for her husband

The model Sasha Meneghel 25, told CNN on the night of this Thursday (6) who intends to create a special clothing collection for her own husband, the singer John Lucas 23. The presenter’s daughter Xuxa Meneghel 61, will launch his own brand, called Mondepars on June 10th in São Paulo.

“João has access to everything from Montepars, but I would love to develop something exclusive for him”, he said during the spoiler night of the film “Inside Out 2” promoted during “São João da Thay”, in São Luís, capital of Maranhão.

The debut of the new brand will take place with a parade of the first pieces. Even with plans to involve the family in the project, Xuxa is not expected to parade at the launch.

“This is my biggest professional dream so far, I’m very happy and excited about the launch now.”

Even before its debut, Sasha says she was already thinking about the future of the venture: “I define Montepars as a brand that understands its impact. We have a five to ten year plan to try to minimize these impacts.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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