Márcio Gomes: Glória Maria covered historical facts and experienced adventures

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Who among us does not have memories of Glória Maria? Your journalistic coverage, your travels, your experiences.

Present on television for five decades, it was intimate with the public. She innovated in language and treated the camera like a person. She reported as if she were telling someone a story.

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Glória saw and covered important moments. During the dictatorship, she became disaffected by General João Figueiredo when she clashed with the then president of Brazil.

She was inaugurated by the Democrat Jimmy Carter as President of the United States in 1977. In 1982, she was the first female journalist in Brazil to cover the Malvinas War.

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Glória was alongside idols, like when she interviewed singer Michael Jackson on a visit by the King of Pop to Brazil.

The journalist was diagnosed with lung cancer four years ago. Some time later, there was metastasis in the brain. And, since last year, the treatment has stopped having the expected effect.

Glória Maria died this Thursday morning (2) in Rio de Janeiro. She leaves two daughters: Laura and Maria.

On social networks, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said that Glória left her marks in the memory of Brazilian men and women.

Anielle Franco, Minister of Racial Equality, emphasized: “Anyone who is a black woman knows the importance of having seen her on television”.

The singer Emicida wrote that, if today there is an Emicida, it is because before there was a Glória Maria.

Also on social media, actress Taís Araújo wrote: “Glória changed my world, it changed our world”.

From this world, the journalist showed more than 100 countries in her reports. And she reached the top of it by stepping on the Himalayas.

Each story is a different adventure. And, the more action, the better, starring even some hilarious scenes.

Gloria fell in love with the internet public and became the queen of memes, whether tasting Jamaican weed, having passport stamps as inspiration or even burying herself in a hole.

Television icon. Symbol of freedom.

Glória Maria told stories And made history.

Source: CNN Brasil

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