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Mare Fuori 5 will be a “reboot”, but what does it still have in common with the original?

It’s often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and we agree. However, it is necessary to understand well what that cover represents when it is clear that it covers a very different product from the one it has covered up to that moment. Naturally we talk about Sea Outside, the Rai cult series produced by Picomedia which now seems very different from how it started. Not only because more than half of the protagonists who contributed to its success have chosen to follow other paths, but also because the path of many of them seems to have been interrupted without a definitive resolution. The storylines of many protagonists of Sea Outsideas Philip and Naditza, were, in fact, interrupted at the most beautiful moment without laying solid enough foundations to hope for a better future for them. The curious thing is that Rai has decided not to close a circle to inaugurate a new one as series like have done The paper house And game of Thronesbut to continue that same title even if it is now clear that it no longer has anything to do with the original.

From the previews released by Rai we discover, in fact, that in fifth season of Sea Outside six new characters will arrive which will enter directly as regularfollowing more the trend of organized crime than that of the prison reality which really represented the novelty of Sea Outside. Between them, Francesco Luciani and Francesco Di Tullio in the role of two criminals arrived from the North; Rebecca Mogavero and Elisa Tonelliinseparable friends and partners in crime, And Alfonso Capuozzo and Manuele Velo, which will give voice to two of the different souls of Naples, that of the street and that of the more affluent neighborhoods, the “chiattilli” neighborhoods. It will be them, together with the few surviving family faces like Carmine Recano, Artem, Lucrezia Guidone, Maria Esposito, Giovanna Sannino, Vincenzo Ferrera, Antonio D’Aquino, Francesco Panarella and Giuseppe Pirozzi at the center of the new cycle of Sea Outside, which will have a new director – Ludovico Di Martino – and a new head writer – Maurizio Careddu.

Mare Fuori 5 will be a
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Although producer Roberto Sessa insists that the new season will be a reboot – ¬ęThat is the story gives us the opportunity to introduce several new characters who will become, together with the already established protagonists, the icons of the next seasons” – doubts about the fact that Sea Outside have lost the main road persist. Through Filippo and Carmine we have, in fact, entered a prison to discover the balances hidden within those walls and the educators’ attempts to make a difference. Today, however, Sea Outside it seems like a simple action drama that risks resting on its laurels hoping that the public will continue to follow it with the same enthusiasm as always. We don’t know if that book will be worth reading, but it sure is a part of us would have liked that experiment to end with a certain underlying coherence and without unnecessary forcing.

Source: Vanity Fair

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