Margherita Vicario: “My generation thrown in the washing machine”

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The best second youth Margaret Vicar: «Often they make us believe that we are late or wrong, when instead it is society that is performing poorly. Today I am 33 years old and I am at an age when you have to build something, do those so-called “fixed stages”, and sometimes they make me feel as if I am out of time, out of time. “Musically, however, the Roman singer-songwriter is where she would like to be . A new single, The best youth precisely, which comes after the success of the album Bingo and the summer tour. “I saw a little of this better youth last summer, at my concerts.”

Do you feel a lot of pressure?
“No, each of us decides who he is. And I have chosen a precarious life par excellence. I write songs, I am an actress, I know the precarious dimension well. It worries me more when I see insecurity in the faces of my peers who have chosen other “safer” paths, at least on paper ».

But her aunt will have it too, who at Christmas dinner asks “but when are you getting married?”, “But when are you going to have a child?”?
“Let’s say that in my family there are many cousins ​​and brothers who have already given (ride, ed). Nobody has cravings for me, they leave me alone. I would say that anxiety about the future concerns both men and women, although there are certainly physiological factors that affect women ».

Generation Z, on the other hand, how do you think it is?
«I observe her from the artists she produces, so I would say that she is fine. And then they know how to move, they know how to use social media very well. When I was 13, I talked on the phone and barely used Messenger. My generation has been thrown a bit in a washing machine, it’s the middle one.

In The best youth it is less ironic than usual.
«This time there is nothing to laugh about, this time I am more angry. The stories of my friends also helped me to focus on the question: university students, workers with many dreams who then collide with reality. There is also the fear of growing up, then expectations rise. The moment of writing for me is never a liberation, it is as if the words were a bow and an arrow, and I have to make them follow the right path ».

What are your plans for 2022?
“More songs will come out, and then I want to go back on tour. Live is my charge, my injection of lightness. I still keep the memory of all the looks I met this summer, those of the best of youth ».



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