‘Marília Mendonça was visceral, she showed her soul’, says Zezé Di Camargo

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The country singer Zezé Di Camargo said this Saturday (6) to CNN that Marília Mendonça, who died on Friday (5) in an air accident in Minas Gerais, “showed her soul” in her compositions and interpretations.

“She had this language, this visceral thing, to show her soul, to let go of what she was thinking and that surprised a lot of people,” he said. “Marília was impressive as a composer, as a woman, and she exposed people’s prejudices (…) because her language was young.”

Zezé said he considers that Marília represented a “watershed” in country music for expressing herself in a simple way, using a language similar to that of the internet.

“Without belittling any other artist, but who established this, for me, was Marília.”

The musician also highlighted the simplicity of his colleague, recalling episodes in which they were in music studios. “The last time we were recording together, she arrived in a very ordinary car, with just the driver, without security. Very simple attitude”, he described.

At the time, she recorded a song by the duo Zeze Di Camargo & Luciano that he had never sung and that he would be part of an unpublished project of the brothers.

“This song she recorded with us is still unreleased, we were going to release it at the end of the year, but now we’ll see what will happen.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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