Marmolada, who are victims and missing

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The first identified victim of the glacier disaster of the Marmolada is Davide Miotti, 51 years old, mountain guide from Tezze sul Brenta and owner of the “Su e sotto sport” shop. He was an expert connoisseur of the mountains, of the Marmolada in particular. On the list of the missing is his wife, Erica Campagnaro, 45.

According to the official bulletin given by the chief prosecutor of Trento, Sandro Raimondi, there are 6 identified dead and 8 injured, of which two in serious condition. One person is hospitalized in Treviso, with a reserved prognosis. Among the wounded are two German citizens. There is a 27 year old from Barbarano Mossano hospitalized at the Santa Chiara hospital in Trento.

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17 people are missing. Four of the victims have been identified. “For over a thousand meters we have found you remain mangled in the midst of a shapeless tide of ice and debris, ”he told al Corriere della Sera Gino Comelli of the Alpine Rescue.

There are two ropes overwhelmed by the ice. Rescue was difficult because the area is not safe. The superintendent of Trento asked everyone «not to approach the disaster area, because, beyond the danger of the site and the incivility of these behaviors, there is the risk of hindering the rescuers’ operations. We will be hard on those who violate the prohibitions ».

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There are about ten cars left in the parking lots from which one starts for the climbs whose owners have not been identified. For the vicar commissioner Luigi Di Ruscio however, it is not a particularly significant datum: «A hiker often leaves the car where he finds a place and then travels for many kilometers, stopping to sleep in the bivouacs. For us it is of particular importance only if an acquaintance tells us that he no longer has any news of the owner of the car ».

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The National Alpine Rescue has set up a number to call to report the non-return of friends and family. The number is 0461-495272.

The Prime Minister arrives in Canazei today Mario Draghi. Here are relatives and relatives of victims and missing people: there are about twenty people, including two couples of parents whose children went out on an excursion with a guide and did not return. The dead are at the Canazei ice rink, where the funeral home has been set up. Here the recognition of bodies takes place.

In addition to Davide Miotti it is known that the victims are two other Italians, one Czechoslovakian, plus a man and a woman not yet identified. Another of the Italians is a 28-year-old from Vicenza. Among the missing are Italians, Germans, Czechs and probably Romanian citizens. Among them there is also Filippo Bari, 27, from Malo, and there are other Cai mountaineers from the Malo section. Among the people whose absence was reported was a fifty-year-old from Alba di Canazei, a woman and a boy from Pergine Valsugana, in Trentino.

The survivors tell of apocalyptic scenes. Stefano Dal Moro, engineer from Borso del Grappa, and his Israeli companion say they are miraculous: «We were a little higher than where the victims were. There was a thud, then that sea of ​​ice came down. In these cases it is useless to run away, you can only pray that it does not come to your side. We hugged each other tightly and remained crouched as the mass of ice passed us ».

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Sergio Mattarella he phoned the governor of Trentino, Maurizio Fugatti to express condolences and closeness. “The head of state also wanted to convey his condolences to our community as well as to the relatives of the victims. At the same time he expressed words of gratitude to the rescuers who are doing their utmost, in conditions that are certainly not easy, in search of the victims of the large landslide that caused death and devastation yesterday afternoon ».

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