Marriage at first sight 9: the expulsion of Lucas and Carolina is a lesson for those seeking sincerity on TV

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No getting around it: participating in a program like Marriage at first sight represents, right now, a pass to obtain the most valuable trading currency on the market: the visibility. In fact, we live in a world where you can get free clothes and hotels if you have a large group of people following you, and it’s somewhat normal that those who choose to get involved in front of the cameras end up looking for that: a way to stick in viewers’ minds long enough to get sponsorships and, at best, hosted. It goes without saying that the noble intent of a program such as, precisely, Marriage at first sight you sometimes meet the ambitions of protagonists who, rather than looking for a soul mate, are interested in becoming someone and building a career once the television machine is turned off. Lucas Vianini had the unfortunate idea of ​​making his intent known to Carolina Manfrin, or the wife that the three experts chose for him, with the result of being intercepted by the authors and kicked out of the program.

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The reason? Simple, that the intention to participate did not correspond to the final mission of the show, given that the boy shared with his wife the intention to sign up for the casting more for himself than to meet the woman of his life. The risk Lucas took, if we think about it, is much more common than we think, given that being perfectly aware of the dynamics of a program and going on television with the aim of being liked and being talked about it pollutes the experiment making it lose its naturalness and freshness. Applies to programs like The collegewhich in the last few editions has often enlisted guys who are too smart and aware, as if everything they did in favor of the camera was a pass for a life as an influencer, and now also as Marriage at first sight, that for a good part of its history it had managed to keep itself out of certain drifts. The unmentionable truth, however, is another, namely that what Lucas has not cleverly said aloud – and moreover with the microphone attached to his sweater – is what hundreds of faces we see on television think every day that we consider honest and sincere.

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Together with the mechanical applause of the public for a choice such as that of the expulsion of Lucas and Carolina – perhaps the real victim of this confession, given that after knowing her husband’s true intentions she withdrew into herself without having the possibility of living the experiment fully – we would like, however, to say something else: the search for the phantom visibility is perhaps the only certainty that lurks in television productionsand it applies both to the competitors and to the production which, in this round, must have thought that a scandal would have been more tempting than yet another finished and shipwrecked story. To this we add that in 2022 we can no longer believe the fairy tale that everything we see on TV or on platforms is true and unfiltered by the authors who write it and by the editors who choose how to convey the story so that certain things come out to the detriment of others: the public is much smarter than one thinks, and that is why it seems strange that everyone are amazed at the confidence of Lucas who, perhaps, was simply honest in admitting it.

From now on, Marriage at first sight sets a dangerous precedent, given that it has just lost the element underlying its construction, that is, the desire to get involved and understand if three so-called experts could select the love of our life. The fact that Lucas has shown himself to be particularly unbearable on TV – the verbal confrontation with Andrea Favaretto is perhaps one of the most unpleasant seen on television in the last year – does not painless, however, the pill: the system is complicit in this research exposure that connects TV directly to social media, and perhaps the only way to overcome it in the future will be to gather people who don’t have them at castings.


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