“Marriage at first sight”, Marco speaks: “When I realized that it was over with Nicole”

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To the ill-thinkers convinced that it was an advertising move to draw attention to them, Marco Rompietti decides to set the record straight and publish a video to explain the reasons that led at the end of his story with Nicole Soria: «This video is not monetized. It is a video that wants to tell you about the emotions behind the last weeks of my relationship with Nicole out of respect for those who loved us in recent months and also for my “last” gift to Nichi “, in fact, we read at the top of the video of 22 minutes that Marco shares on YouTube a few days after the announcement via social media of the breakup of the couple who, despite having participated in two different editions of Marriage at first sight, approached not thanks to the intermediation of experts, but to personal intuition.

As Marco explains, their journey begins on 13 September 2020 in Verona in the utmost discretion: the new episodes of Marriage on Real Time, the couple was kept to the utmost secrecy to avoid rumors which, however, began to circulate shortly after preventing them from coming out at their own pace.

“We had a lot of enthusiasm. Despite the many objective difficulties that were behind the relationship, there was a fire inside that pushed us to go further. The first few weeks were the purest because there wasn’t this social pressure yet, this sea of ​​negativity in which we have been invested “says Marco, suggesting that exposure on social media and the media inevitably conditioned their way of living the relationship. “Preparing to receive hundreds of messages of affection and criticism was not easy” insists Rompietti, adding that the distance between Milan and Terni and the fact that he did not work in those months certainly did not help. “We weren’t able to manage everything that was happening around us very well.” Under Christmas, a big fight makes everything shake: Marco leaves Milan, he is convinced that things might not go right but, after a few days, everything seems to return to its place. In fact, on December 27th Nicole shows up at Marco’s house to start again where they left off and two months of “idyll” begin which, however, break down again in mid-February.

“The quarrels between me and Nicole were among the most fiery and passionate I’ve ever had in my life” resumed Marco who, for the avoidance of doubt, explains that the decision to interrupt the relationship he and Nicole did not take out of the blue, but about a month before leaving for Naples for their last trip together, a way to break up behind the negativity and ending the relationship with a smile, keeping only the beauty. “It was a deliberate choice that we retracted several times that of leaving us”: between tears, the support of family and friends, however, it was necessary to have the courage and honesty to admit that things like this could not go on and that it was necessary to look to the future. “Healthy love and feeling has never been lacking”. Finally, the closure, which passes through a written text because Marco no longer felt like talking: “Real life is not what you see on a television program or through social media, where we become fond of the idea of ​​the character we have in our head. Real life is made up of other things and even the best stories can end. A story as beautiful as this can remain so … even if it is over ».

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