Massimiliano Allegri, legal battle with the ex: “He spent the money for our son for himself”

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Misappropriation and violation of family obligations. Are these the accusations that Massimiliano Allegri has moved against the former Claudia Ughihis partner for about 14 years. The two, in fact, began their relationship in 2003after having met a Livornohometown of the famous coach: a love from which in 2011 theirs was born first child togetheraccording to both of them who had already become parents thanks to previous relationships.

In 2017 the relationship ends, with the official agreement for the maintenance of the child, who would remain a live with mom and sister in law: Allegri, got it shared custodyhe would undertake to pay 10 thousand euros per month on a dedicated current account. And so it went, smoothly, until in January 2021 he turned to Court of Turin to ask to halve the payment (from 10 to 5 thousand euros), but the appeal is rejected.

Today between Max Allegri and Claudia Ughi it is rekindled the legal battle: in the context of the new procedure, in fact, he claims to have discovered that the former partner allegedly “distracted“Part of the money he sent her monthly, that is, allocating them to purposes other than the needs strictly related to the child. We talk about 200 thousand euros, from 2019 to 2021: the investigation by the Guardia di Finanza, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Davide Prettiwill shed light on the matter.

Among the expenses in the spotlight there would be buying a house in Livorno during the lockdown period, a financial investment and the payment of the university tuition abroad for the woman’s eldest daughter. “She is an unfounded accusation and deeply ungenerous “. she defends herself through the lawyer Davide Steccanella. «It seems unsustainable that a mother should be reproached for not weighing with her the slingbar between two cohabiting brothers, doing sons and stepchildren“.

“It would be like expecting that in a family environment made up of three people, a mother purchases a sweater of lesser value to the sister than to that of the brother, only because the father of the second is richer“. And he adds that the complaint is “instrumental” to try to “reduce the monthly contribution“. Where the truth lies, it will be decided in the courtroom: on July 5th the preliminary hearing is scheduled, with Allegri – assisted by the lawyer Pietro Gaetano Nacci Manara – civil party.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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