«MasterChef Italia 10»: who are the finalists


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We would have dreamed of a female final, the clash between Irene and Azzurra, the most loyal of the aspiring chefs of MasterChef. Instead, on Thursday evening, in the episode that is the prelude to the grand finale, the thirty-seven-year-old Sicilian had to take off her apron. Azure, a life spent on cruise ships, was eliminated after the Esterna, when the «Salto», a hare breaded and passed in must, was not enough to guarantee the victory, and with this a place among the finalists of the show. The croupier, who at the beginning of the episode managed to rank among the best of a family-size Mystery Box, came out with the Pressure Test, giving Monir the possibility of playing the final.

The boy, of Moroccan origins, has reached the last stage of a frenzied race, equaling – at least, in terms of form – Antonio e Aquila, protagonists of a challenge within a challenge. The boys fought on Thursday evening. They cooked, head to head, under the inquiring gaze of Enrico Bartolini, the most starred among the chefs of Italy. Against each other, both against their mates, they had to prepare an entire menu of the chef’s restaurant, eight Michelin stars. Raw beef, in contemporary aspic, red turnip risotto with gorgonzola sauce, fresh pasta buttons filled with a similar mayonnaise. Then, the Podolica cow fillet and the traditional zabaione, garnished with Bronte pistachios and a bitter orange tree.

Antonio and Aquila, like Azzurra and Monir, tried their hand at preparing a dish each, as prepared by Irene, winner of the Mystery Box and the Invention Test curated by Riccardo Canella. Neither, however, managed to stand out. Antonio, worse together with Federica in the Invention Test, he had to attend, resigned, to the victory, the third, of Irene, first finalist of MasterChef Italy. Then, with his teammates, he put on the black apron and cooked again, on his shoulders the pressure of an impending elimination.

The chemist, then, has found the verve. And, together with Aquila, he managed to win a place among the show’s finalists. The same show that, in his last race, would have decided to reserve a place for Monir, decreeing his victory over Azzurra.

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