Mathios Pyrimacha: Increase in turnover in the nine months, to 392 thousand EBITDA

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The turnover of MATHIOS PYRIMACHA records an increase in turnover on a nine-month level, with EBITDA showing profits of 392 thousand euros from losses -251 thousand euros a year earlier.

In particular, the group – following a letter from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission which was notified to all issuers with securities listed on the regulated market of the Athens Stock Exchange and in the context of informing the investing public in combination with the effects of the energy crisis and Covid-19 – notes the following regarding the formation of its fundamental financial figures during the nine months of the current year, DG Quarter of the year, compared in parallel with the corresponding period of the previous year and the prospects concerning its activity .

In particular, the results of the Group and the Company for the nine months of 2021, compared in parallel with the corresponding period of the previous year, are summarized as follows:

a) The consolidated turnover amounted to 9,806 thousand euros, against 8,358 thousand euros, showing a percentage increase of 17.32% and the parent company to 9,250 thousand euros, compared to 8,183 thousand euros, showing a percentage increase of 13.04% .

b) Earnings before taxes, financial and investment results (EBIT) amounted at Group level to 16 thousand euros, compared to -692 thousand euros, and at corporate level to 75 thousand euros to -389 thousand euros.

c) Earnings before taxes (EBT) amounted to -598 thousand euros for the Group, against -1,693 thousand euros and for the Company to -576 thousand euros against -1,531 thousand euros.

d) Earnings before taxes, financial, investment results and depreciation (EBITDA) amounted at Group level to 392 thousand euros, against -251 thousand euros, and at company level to 347 thousand euros against -70 thousand euros.

The total bank borrowing of the Group on 30/9/2021 amounted to 10,859 thousand euros, compared to 11,315 thousand on 31/12/2020. The cash of the group amounted to 2,383 thousand euros and the equity to 7,286 thousand euros on 30 / 09/2021.

All of the above, as well as changes in the borrowing position, the capital
structure and other figures of the statement of financial position that took place during the third quarter of the year 2021 are shown in the following tables:

Mathios Pyrimacha: Increase in turnover in the nine months, to 392 thousand EBITDA


The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the global economic environment continues to affect this year.

Regarding the consequences related to the current health crisis, the course of the Group so far in 2021 highlights the smooth and upward development of its activities with the main characteristics of increasing turnover and improving operating results compared to the previous year .

The management of the company monitors the developments related to this health event, evaluates the risks and takes whatever measures are deemed necessary to limit the impact of the pandemic on the financial results of the Group and to ensure its business operation.

In addition, the economic environment continues to remain volatile due to rising raw material prices and rising energy costs, which have a direct impact on the company’s above.

The company has secured a flow of raw materials for the next 10 months with a special ship import, which is expected by the end of the year.

Until 30.09.2021 the increases in the prices of energy products were clearly limited and did not have a significant effect on the operation of the Group as well as on the formation of its results.

Given the current state of the world, with the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, the increase in transportation costs and the phenomenon of the energy crisis, it is difficult for any reliable future assessment of the course of the company’s results.

However, the Management of the Company remains optimistic about the continuation of the positive course of its operations and makes every effort to manage the aforementioned developments, and to avoid negative consequences on its Financial Results.

The Management of the Group with a high sense of responsibility towards the employees, the customers, the suppliers, the partners and the investors, closely monitors all the developments related to the unprecedented health crisis and has implemented from the first moment a plan to ensure its health. staff, in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (G.G.P. PI.).

In addition, it systematically studies all possible risk factors, which may affect the financial position, activities and results of the Group and has taken all appropriate measures to ensure the smooth operation and smooth business continuity of the Group.

Based on the data in force at the time of writing and to the extent that can be predicted, the Management of the Group estimates that there is until the end of the current year any substantial uncertainty regarding the continuation of the activity, the productive operation, the sales and the supply chain of both the parent Company and the other entities that belong to the Group, as shown by the above tables, neither the fundamental financial figures nor the general financial situation of the Group have been affected.

However, as the second and most severe wave of the pandemic is in full swing, the Group Management is cautious about the future impact on the prospects of the Group and the Company, while due to the intense degree of uncertainty regarding the duration of the pandemic crisis. and its effects both on the Greek economy and on the economies of the other countries in which the Group and the Company operate, it cannot be ruled out that the overall performance and
be negatively affected in the future.

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