Maturity 2022, one month to the exam that goes back to before Covid

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Exactly one month is missing from the first test of the exam maturity 2022 that goes back to the ancient, but with some corrections. By the end of high school there are two written and one oral.

Dates and tests

It starts on June 22 at 8.30 with the first written test: Italian. There are seven tracks, with three different types: two for the analysis of the text, three for the argumentative text and two for the classic topical issue. This test will be the only one arranged on a national basis and therefore the same for everyone. The Ministry of Education sends the so-called electronic envelope to the schools, which can be opened with a password.

On June 23, there is the according to written, which is different for each school address and prepared by the individual commissions. Within the day before, the teachers who teach the subject of the second writing, only one and not two as in the last pre-Covid high school diploma, will have to submit proposals for tracks. The exam will be drawn from these dates by the teachers of the various sub-commissions. Each Commission will be composed of six internal commissioners and an external President.

In the ordinance of the ministry on maturity 2022 there are indications for each field of study. These are the subjects for high school: Latin to classical, mathematics to scientific, foreign language and culture 1 to linguistics.

The calendar of oral it is established before the exam begins, with the drawing of the class and the starting alphabetical letter. 5 people will be exams per day. There will not be the essay that served in the last two years to replace the written one, but it will start from the analysis of materials chosen by the commission for an interdisciplinary path with also Civic Education.

The evidence Invalsi they are not a requirement for access to the exam and neither are the paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation. This, which is the so-called school-work alternation, will be deepened in the oral interview.

Scores and commission

After the controversy from the students who objected to the return of the writings for a school that has not returned to being what it was before the pandemic, the assessment. It remains in hundredths, but the weight changes: up to 15 points for the written Italian, up to 10 points for the second test (this drops compared to the original project), up to 25 for the interview. A maximum of 50 points is reached for the credits acquired in the scholastic path, no longer 40. The maximum total is 100 points.

The commission will be internal, with only the external president, one for two classes. It will be composed of six internal commissioners for each class. He will be able to assign 5 extra points in case of deserving students. The bonus can be given to those who have earned a scholastic credit of at least forty points and have an overall result in the examination tests of the same number of points. Whoever gets to 100 alone can get praise.


Those who test positive for Covid-19, which is not said to leave before maturity 2022, will not be able to take the written tests in presence or even in connection. Will have to participate in the supplementary session, starting July 6. Those who are still positive should go to the extraordinary session in September usually reserved for those who appeal. The oral exam, for documented health reasons, can be done remotely.

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