Maybe you have always used the eyelash curler wrong, we will explain how to do it

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The beauty world is divided into two large factions: those who have makeup in their pouch the eyelash curler, with a vintage charm and a very useful tool to curl the lashes to the maximum in a natural way, and those who have have always considered it as a torture accessory that if there are mascaras that promise parabolic XXL lashes, why use it?

Eyelash curler, here’s how to use it in the right way

If you fall into the “addicted” category it could be, however, that so far you have not used the eyelash curler correctly for maximum impact. The The Sun reports that make-up artist Meg Nickerson shared a video on TikTok explaining the best way to curl lashes. Warning: this is probably not as you always have!

Using a small piece of black cardboard in the shape of an eyelash, the makeup artist explained: “These are your eyelashes. If you take an eyelash curler and place it at the base, that’s fine, but you’ll only get a curve ».

Makeup artist Meg Nickerson. Photo from TikTok

Makeup artist Meg Nickerson. Photo from TikTok

Makeup artist Meg Nickerson. Photo from TikTok

Apart from remembering to always do a quick, not too intense pressure to get a more curly effect, Meg recommends use the eyelash curler not only at the root but also to move it upwards continuing to curl the lashes to the end (always paying attention to gestures and being very delicate). The make-up artist then showed the difference between the lashes curled only at the base and those curled along the entire length. “Do you understand what I’m saying? Curl the entire lash, don’t just stop at the root, ”he told his followers.

Eyelash curler, the steps to use it at its best

So, here are all the steps to use this beauty tool to the fullest:

  • lashes must always be dry and completely free from any make-up residues. Cleaning is essential since even the slightest trace of mascara could stick to the pads present in the eyelash curler, ruining the desired final result;
  • always remember to raise the eyebrow and place the curler on the lashes near the eyelid, then press several times but without exaggerating and without hurting yourself;
  • repeat the same procedure also in the middle of the lashes and on the tips, several times, so that the fold is homogeneous;
  • once the lashes are curled to the right point, you can proceed with the make-up and apply a mascara capable of amplifying the effect obtained.

Another fundamental thing if you use an eyelash curler, especially if used on the eye already made up with eye shadows, pencils & co, is to replace the grommet frequently. Once a week, it should be cleaned with alcohol (or a make-up tool cleaner), then rinsed carefully. It is often replaced with a new one, because over time and with frequent use, it tends to wear out and cut itself.

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Finally, for bling bling eyelashes, it is also necessary to consider that some eyelash curlers have a more pronounced curvature and / or a greater width. Since even the eyes are not all the same shape, better find the model that best fits ours.

In the gallery we have selected several: if this year’s beauty mission is to have a look from Bambi as natural as possible, even if you’ve never used an eyelash curler, 2022 could really represent the year of the turning point.

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