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MC Bin Laden and Fernanda argue on BBB24; brothers try to hear the conversation

MC Bin Laden It is Fernanda They discussed their relationship in the early hours of this Tuesday (05). Recalling old situations from the game, the confectioner mentions a “gossip” that the funk player spread around the house and the MC, in turn, remembered a dynamic from “Sincerão” in which the sister talked about him.

“You took my story there and I don’t agree with that”, begins the baker. “Yes, but I also can’t agree to the point of thinking you’re right if you have a rival and you attack me at Sincerão, live”, counters the funk player.

“The question was clear: 'who is the gossiper?' The person who took my story without my authorization and took it to the other side”, retorts the sister. “But you yourself said that Alane gossiped to the whole house”, says the singer. Fernanda then disagrees and says that the MC is confusing the facts.

Fernanda states once again that the singer has no right to her story and says: “You can’t tell my story”. She also adds that the brother is losing the chronology of how things happened, and Bin counters by saying that the baker is “always right”.

While they were arguing in the gnome room, three other participants tried to listen to the conversation outside. Matthew he was the first to touch the door, after passing through the corridor. The brother started to walk towards the room, but came back to continue trying to listen to the chat.

After he leaves, Alane and Beatriz do the same to try to hear what is happening inside the room.

Source: CNN Brasil

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