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Mc Loma says it was confused with pickpocket in Italy; understand

Paloma Santos – known as Mc Loma — made an outburst on his Instagram this Saturday (1st). The influencer revealed that was discriminated against at a train station in Italy for being “all left out”, according to her.

“People think I'm a pickpocket […] When I pass behind or to the side, people are already packing their bags, getting ready”, he commented. Mc Loma is traveling through Europe and was waiting for the train to Switzerland when the situation occurred.

Pickpocket is a term used to characterize a form of theft that involves stealing money or other valuables from a person without them noticing. The expression became famous after a video went viral in which Italian Monica Poli warns tourists about robbery in Venice by saying “Attenzione pickpocket!”

According to the singer, the reason was the way she was dressed during the trip. “I am being discriminated against because of my clothes,” she said, and commented that the colleague who is traveling with her did not experience the same problem. “She’s preppy,” she commented.

The influencer has been out of the country since May 21st and has been sharing her experiences on social media. Mc Loma passed through Rome and the Tuscany region, in Italy, and arrived this Saturday in the city of Zermatt, a mountainous place located in Switzerland.

Source: CNN Brasil

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