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MEC publishes Sisu, Prouni and Fies calendars; see dates

The Ministry of Education (MEC) released the notices with the schedules of the selection processes for the second half of 2023 of the Unified Selection System (Sisu), University for All Program (Prouni) and Student Financing Fund (Fies).

On dates close to the opening of registration for each selection, the MEC will publish the number of vacancies to be offered in each program, on the Single Portal for Access to Higher Education. Registration is free.

Classification in all three selection processes will be based on the grade obtained in the 2022 edition of the National High School Examination (Enem), and for Prouni, the grades obtained in the 2021 Enem will also be valid. enroll in the Fies, the Enem grades will be valid from 2010 onwards.


The registration period for Sisu will be from June 19th to 22nd and the result will be announced on the 27th of this month. Sisu is the MEC program that brings together vacancies offered by public institutions of higher education throughout Brazil, most of which are offered by federal institutions – universities and institutes.

Vacancies are opened every six months through a computerized system that performs the selection of students based on the Enem score, according to the choices of registered candidates. For this, the candidate cannot have scored zero in the essay.

The student chooses up to two course options among those offered in each Sisu selection process. It is possible to change course options throughout the enrollment period, and the valid enrollment will be the last one registered in the system. Those who are not selected in either of the two course options can still compete for one of the vacancies through Sisu’s waiting list. For this, you must express interest in joining the list.

The vacancies offered are also distributed according to the Quota Law (Law nº 12.711/2012) which determines that the federal institutions of higher education linked to the MEC will reserve, in each selective contest for admission to undergraduate courses, per course and shift, at least 50% of its vacancies for students who have completed high school in public schools, half of which are reserved for those from families with an income equal to or less than 1.5 minimum wages per capita (income per head).

Institutions can adopt their own policies and actions, such as reserved vacancies and application of bonuses on the grade of the candidate who meets the profile indicated by the institution. According to the institution’s specifications, Sisu automatically calculates and generates a new note.


On June 27, enrollment for Prouni will open, which can be done until the 30th of this month. The result will be released in two calls: the first will be published on the 4th of July and the second on the 24th of the same month.

For those who are not selected in the regular calls, the program also offers the opportunity to join the waiting list. For this, the student must express interest.

Prouni is the federal government program that offers scholarships, full and partial (50%), in private institutions of higher education, for undergraduate and sequential specific training courses.

To register, the candidate must have taken one of the last two editions of the Enem, have reached at least 450 average points in the grades and have not scored zero in the essay. In case the participant has taken the last two editions of the Enem, he will be considered the one with the best grade average.

To have access to the full scholarship, the student must prove a gross monthly family income of up to 1.5 minimum wages per person. For the partial scholarship, the gross monthly family income must be up to three minimum wages per person.

The program’s target audience is students without a higher education degree. Teachers from the public school system can also compete for a scholarship, exclusively for teaching and pedagogy courses, aimed at training teachers in basic education. In this case, the income threshold required of other applicants does not apply.


The registration deadline for the Fies is from July 4th to 7th; and the result –in a single call– will be announced on July 11th.

For students whose registration was postponed in the Fies selection processes, prior to this edition for the second semester, completing the registration on the Fies page must be from June 14th to 16th and will be conditional on meeting the other requirements, deadlines and procedures for granting financing, in accordance with current Fies regulations.

Fies is the federal government program that aims to facilitate access to credit to finance higher education courses offered by private institutions that adhere to the program. Created in 1999, it has been offered in two modalities since 2018, with zero interest for those with lower income and on a financing scale that varies according to the candidate’s family income.

To participate, the candidate must have taken the Enem, as of the 2010 edition, have obtained an average of 450 points or more in the tests and not have zeroed out on the essay. It is also necessary to have gross monthly family income, per person, of up to three minimum wages.

Those who are part-time Prouni scholarship holders can also participate in the Fies selection process and finance the part of the monthly fee that is not covered by the scholarship, as long as it fits the conditions set out in the public notice.



  • Registrations : June 19th to 22nd
  • Result : June 27th


  • Registrations : 27th to 30th of June
  • First call result : 4th of July
  • Second call result : July 24th


  • Registrations : July 4th to 7th
  • Result : July 11

Source: CNN Brasil

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