Médecins Sans Frontières will store medical data on the blockchain

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TransCrypts, which verifies documents on the blockchain, and the humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières are launching a joint project on decentralized storage of patients’ medical records.

According to
press release, published by Digital Journal, blockchain will provide significant help in preventing premature deaths. TransCrypts advises that the importance of instant access to patient medical records, especially in developing countries, cannot be overemphasized:

“In India, more than 700,000 people die every year due to the lack of access by doctors to patients’ medical records. Most of these deaths could have been prevented. Through the partnership between Médecins Sans Frontières and TransCrypts, there is hope to build a future in which loss of life can be reduced. ”

As a result of the joint work, more than 6,500 immunization records have already been uploaded to the blockchain, and by the beginning of 2022 their number will reach 76,000. Most of the registered vaccinations are vaccines against COVID-19. However, Transcrypts said the goal is to store all of the patients’ medical records on the blockchain.

At the same time, the data can be accessed by patients and medical personnel from any mobile device or computer, with or without an Internet connection. Plus, they can be easily transferred and verified instantly.

Earlier, similar projects were implemented by Singapore and China. Singapore-based government investment firm SGInnovate and Accredify have developed a system for storing digitized medical records on the blockchain. China has uploaded the medical data of 17 million residents of China’s Guangdong province to a blockchain-based healthcare system.

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