AdvisorHub, citing statements by two executives of financial corporation Morgan Stanley, reported that brokers will be allowed to advertise spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for Bitcoin.

According to Morgan Stanley's plans, 15,000 brokers will have the right to advertise Bitcoin ETFs, which will increase demand for this investment product. According to one of the executives, the corporation is creating so-called “safety fences” for the purchase of Bitcoin ETFs. Morgan Stanley intends to establish risk tolerance requirements, as well as restrictions on capital allocation and trading frequency.

The company emphasized that it wants to be extremely careful when advertising spot Bitcoin ETFs and ensure proper control over trading transactions in such products.

As a reminder, a number of brokerages, such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo, began offering spot Bitcoin ETFs after their launch in January 2024. But they have limited unsolicited purchasing—clients must contact their financial advisors before purchasing a Bitcoin ETF. In addition, the above companies require their clients to have assets worth $10 million or more to purchase a Bitcoin ETF.

Previously, Morgan Stanley analysts examined global market trends and came to the conclusion that the role of the US dollar as the cornerstone of the international financial system may be reconsidered.