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Meet Midas, the four-eared kitten who is falling in love with social networks

Cats have become the most loved beings on the Internet, whether due to their gestures, attitudes or appearance, as in the case of Midas, a kitten who managed to make her physical peculiarity her best weapon of conquest.

Midas is four months old and lives in Turkey. According to its owner Canis Dosemeci, the kitten was born with four ears instead of two. Although her mother gave birth to six other cats, Canis decided to adopt only her, as she was captivated by her unique appearance.

Canis says that Midas was hiding from the cold with six other kittens, who were surely his brothers. She and her family decided to help them and took them to safety. As time passed, they found them a home, but chose to stay with Midas, fearing that no one else would accept her due to her malformation of the ears.

Midas was born quite small, so her double ears were very evident.

Canis took Midas to various veterinarians to clear up any questions about his mutation. After extensive reviews, there was nothing to worry about, as all the vets assured that he could hear and thrive without any problem.

4-eared kitten;  Midas, the four-eared kitten that makes everyone fall in love on social networks

Due to her cuteness and quirky appearance, Canis created an Instagram account to share photos of Midas with netizens. The first photograph of the pussy was shared on October 12 and since then, the followers have not stopped arriving.

Currently, Midas has more than 60 thousand followers who enjoy his adventures, games and beautiful appearance. By the way, Midas shares a home with two Labrador-breed dog brothers, who take care of her and fill her with love like all the lovers of the michis.

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