Meeting of N. Androulaki with Ant. Costa in Lisbon

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The President of PASOK – Movement for Change Nikos Androulakis will be in Lisbon on Monday, March 28, where he will meet with the Portuguese Prime Minister and leader of the Portuguese Socialist Party Antonio Costa.

During the visit, Mr. Androulakis will have the opportunity to talk with the Portuguese Prime Minister about the use of the Recovery Fund, the Portuguese program for the construction of 26,000 houses for rent with social criteria by young couples, in order to address the ongoing rising housing costs as well as ways to boost the extroversion of small and medium-sized enterprises. They will also discuss the need for a common European response to the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine and the new Common Foreign and Security Policy strategy that the Union should have.

In this context, Mr. Androulakis will have successive meetings with the Minister of Economy and Digital Transition Mr. Pedro Siza Vieira, the Minister of Planning Mr. Nelson de Sousa, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Pedro Nuno Santos, the Undersecretary in charge of housing . Marina Gonçalves, the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr Eurico Brilhante Dias, the Deputy Minister for Development Aid and Vice-President of the European Socialist Party; the Head of International Relations, Ms. Jamila Madeira.

Mr. Androulakis will be accompanied by Mr. Nikos Christodoulakis, former Minister of Economy and Finance and head of the “In Social” Think Tank, Haris Doukas, Associate Professor at NTUA and Secretary of Energy of PASOK – Movement for Change, George Karamanos for George Karamanos Digitization, Stefania Mourelatou, Communication Director of PASOK and Nikolas Papazoglou, Associate of the President for issues of common European policies.

Source: Capital

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