Meghan Markle accused of “bullying royal assistants to tears”

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There are a few days left until thebomb interview granted by the prince Harry e Meghan Markle to Oprah Winfrey. The special that threatens to make tremble the Crown, among other things putting in the square Sussex tensions with the royal family, will air in prime time, March 7, on CBS. But Meghan, when she appears on TV, will be accompanied by a sinister fame. His former royal assistants they just let the prestigious London newspaper know The Times that the duchess bullied them when she was a royal senior. Treating them so badly that they burst into tears. One of them, after a clash with the Duchess, confided to a colleague: “I can’t stop shaking”. Another said he was “personally humiliatedFrom the former actress. A third said that working with Meghan lived in a condition “of emotional cunning e handling which I guess can be defined bullying».

Jason Knauf, Sussex communications secretary, had pointed out the situation, to protect the royal staff, already in 2018: «I am very worried that the Duchess has forced two assistants to resign. He treated them totally unacceptable, ”reads a report. ‘The Duchess always has someone in his sights. She is bullying Y and we have received several reports of her unacceptable behavior“. Nobody did anything. Buckingham Palace, according to what Meghan’s former assistants revealed, “Instead of facing the situation he preferred to cover it up”: “The senior members of the royal family knew that the staff, especially young women, he was bullied by Meghan to tears ».

True no, one thing is certain: when Meghan was a royal senior, within five months, four of his assistants resigned. The causes were never mentioned, but all the British tabloids, even at the time, had brought up the “despotic” and “capricious” characterOf the former American actress.

Meghan, however, does not like to pass for someone who mistreats those who work for her. And in fact his reply, after the newspaper article The Times, arrived within a few hours: “The Duchess is saddened by this latest attack on her person», A Sussex spokesman said,« particularly because she has been bullied and is deeply committed to supporting those who have suffered pain and trauma ».

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