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Meghan Markle and Sophie of Edinburgh, the “war” of the duchesses

The tensions between Meghan Markle and the royal family are known to all. But now we find out that the former actress, with repeated public attacks on the Windsors (most recently in the Netflix series Harry&Meghan) And managed to gain one more royal enemy: the new Duchess of Edinburgh, Sophie. When Prince Edward was promoted to Duke of Edinburgh on 10 March, his wife, the former Countess of Wessex, also became Duchess. And as reported by the Daily Mail Sophie, immediately after winning the title, would have told her friends that she felt «raised» to the idea of no longer having to bow down in front of Markle, “a woman who disrespected the Crown”. In fact, her old rank required her to reverence in the face of the most important members in the hierarchical scale of the family, including Meghanas wife of the prince Harry. Now that she is duchess, Sophie no longer has to bow down to the former actress. A revenge that apparently fills her with joy: «Sophie is relieved. She no longer has to curtsey to someone in the family who has not only left royal duties, but she has spent the last three years to criticize the institution for which she he works so hard».

And to think that once upon a time the relationship between the two women seemed excellent: it was Sophie, so to speak, there first royal to visit the Sussexes after the birth of their firstborn Archie. In reality, something was already wrong at the time, as the British press now reveals. Lamented her Queen Elizabethfor example, to help Meghan enter the royal world, he had offered her the chance to be mentored by Sophie, then Countess Wessex. But Markle, who did not see Sophie as a figure to take an example from, had refused the queen’s offer : «Meghan thought that Harry was sufficient and that he needed no further help from a mentor”as explained to the Daily Mail the real author Gyles Brandreth.

That between Meghan and Sophie there was some tension had also been understood in March 2020, when Harry and his wife had participated in their last engagement as a working royal before Megxit: the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey in London. Then Prince Edward and his wife were seated next to the two rival couples formed by Harry and Meghan on one side, Kate Middleton and William. And everyone noticed that Sophie he carefully avoided speaking to the Sussexes. The then Duchess of Wessex was captured by photographers chatting amiably with William and Kate, who were seated in her front row. Instead to Harry and Meghan, who also sat next to her, she didn’t even give a glance.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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