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Giorgia Soleri first without make-up and with full make-up then conquers social media

With her jaunty bangs and dark, magnetic eyes, Giorgia Soleri it shows itself on social networks in a soap and water version, complete with pimples, while preparing to get an impeccable foundation: hydrated, smooth and luminous.

The influencer, writer and activist, among the protagonists of Beijing Express 2023, is the new face of Mulac Cosmetics and on Instagram it shows the prodigy effect of the new line Best Face Forever: loyal ​«like a* ver* best* friend*, takes care of the well-being of your skin at 360 degrees enhancing its natural radiance», writes Giorgia Soleri on her social page.

Giorgia Soleri actually replicated Lady Gaga’s stripped down face effect at the 2023 Oscars, when the star from the glam moment of the red carpet in which she was wearing full make-up moved on to the performance of the song and the film’s soundtrack Top Gun: Maverickcompletely natural, or as the Americans say bare faced. Here the video, below, meanwhile we report the video that shows the transformation of the poet.

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The result on Giorgia Soleri? From applause. Thanks to make-up, small imperfections (such as the pimple in the middle of the forehead) have magically disappeared, but the yield is absolutely natural, fresh and luminous. In fact, used products boast the characteristic of having happily hybrid formulas, half make-up and half moisturizing treatment. Basically, the new objects of desire! Who knows what Giorgia Soleri’s boyfriend will think about it, Maneskin lead singer Damiano David. Passionate as he is about make-up, he might think about borrowing the products from the new line.

Source: Vanity Fair

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