Meghan Markle, dad Thomas returns to the attack: “I’m worried about Archie and Lilibet”

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Thomas Markle has returned to attack his daughter Meghan and the son-in-law Harry calling them “terribly unfair”. And he did it in Live tv, interviewed by Australian TV Channel 7 for the program Sunrise for 15 minutes. During the broadcast, the 77-year-old, who lives in Mexico, also spoke about the two grandchildren he has never seen: Archie e Lilibet. And he said he was very worried about the two children: «They were deprived of the right to see all their grandparents, and I think this is it terribly unfair to them».

Thomas Markel never got to know Archie and Lilibet, just as he never met Harry, because he did estranged from his daughter three years ago. A deep rift that was created due to a fake photo shoot organized by Thomas before Meghan and Harry’s wedding – a wedding in which he did not attend – and because of the private letter written to him by his daughter, which then ended up in the hands of the tabloids.

Now, in his speech a Sunrise for 15 minutes, when asked if he really considered the option of legal action to see the grandchildren, Thomas Markel replied: “I have received offers from several lawyers, pro-bono, because I have the right to sue to see my grandchildren. But for me it would mean using them as pawns and therefore I will not sue to see them. They shouldn’t be used, they are just children. Then no, I’ll wait».

Meghan’s father has also publicly mouthed his daughter and Prince Harry’s choice to move to California. “I would like them, all four, to return to England and fulfill their royal dutiesThomas said in front of Channel 7 cameras. “It’s better for the children and it’s better for them, not least because they would have much better protection in England,” he added.

Then, when asked about the willingness to make peace with Meghan, the father remained vague: “I’d like to see them make peace with the Queen and Harry’s father, and then we can make peace“. Indeed, a reconciliation between father and daughter appears very unlikely. Just remember what Meghan said during the interview with Oprah Winfrey last March. So, when the host asked her if he could ever forgive his father’s mistakes, the Duchess of Sussex replied: “I look at Archie, I think about this baby and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything to intentionally cause pain to my son. I just can’t imagine it. ‘

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